Adoption Process

Thank you for considering adopting your next horse. When you adopt one of our horses you open a spot for another horse in need. We cannot continue to take horses unless we adopt horses out. It is a BIG responsibility to own a horse. Please take that into consideration before filling out our application.

If you have never adopted from us before the process may seem a little daunting but do not let that stand in your way of finding your next best friend.

Are You Ready to Adopt?

Adoption Requirements

  • Adopters must be 18 yrs. or older.
  • You must have a safe facility. Pastures free of debris, safe/solid fencing, and a shelter.
  • There must be another equine on the property. Horses are herd animals and need friends.
  • You can board your adopted horse. We just require the boarding stables contact information.
  • We do adopt to first time horse owners. We will require you to work alongside of our team for a reasonable amount of time to make sure you are ready to take your equine home.
  • We do not do sight unseen adoptions. You must come visit the horse you are interested in. Companion only require 2 visits. Riding horses require 4 visits (1 to meet the horses, 1 to ride with the trainer, 2 to work with horse on your own) We will adopt out of State, but these requirements will not be waived.

Getting Started

The first step in the process is filling out our application. We are a volunteer run organization and we must manage our time wisely. Your commitment to filling out an application lets us know you are serious about adopting.

Here are some tips before filling out the application.

Personal References

We ask for 2 personal references, a veterinarian reference and a farrier reference. Make sure you have that contact information available and let them know we will be contacting them. We call ALL references and will not be able to proceed with your application if we cannot reach them. If you currently do not own horses, please send us your previous veterinarian and farrier.

Set Up Veterinarian & Farrier Visit

If you have never owned a horse, we will require you to set up with a veterinarian and farrier before adoption.

Pictures of Current Horses and Stables

We require pictures of you current horses and facility. If your pictures are too large, they will not send with the application. You may leave them off and email them separately.

Be Patient

Please be patient. Our volunteers also work full time jobs and can be working on multiple applications at a time.


There is a $25 processing fee. This will be taken off the adoption fee.

What Happens Next?

  • You will receive a confirmation email that we have your application.
  • You will be contacted by an adoption team member. Please note if you do not respond they will not move forward with your application. This call gives them a little more information on what you are looking for, and they can go over available horses if you do not know which horse might work.
  • We try to make sure we contact you within 5 days of receiving your application.
  • The adoption team will then contact all your references. Once that is complete you move to the next step.

Once all of your references have been contacted, we will schedule an in-person interview. We will go over the following in this interview:

  • We will go over your application in depth. This is where we can get any important information about your horse experience and skill level.
  • We will go over our adoption contract. Here is the link to read it beforehand: View Contract
  • We can answer any questions or concerns you have about adoption.
  • We will introduce you to all the available horses that meet your requirements.
  • This is where you can ask us any questions.
  •  We typically schedule these appointments during the week while our trainers are here. That way you can watch the horses worked and ask the trainers any questions you may have.
  • We are not open Saturday and Sundays. Sometimes Saturdays can be done by special arrangement but normally our team is out in the community doing events.

Once you have looked at the horses and we think we have found you the perfect match we will then schedule the training sessions.

  • This is where you will work one on one with that horse’s trainer. You can see all their skills, any vices they may have, and what the trainer is working on. You will ride in this session (or do groundwork if horse is not rideable) under the trainer’s supervision.
  • You are welcome to bring your own trainer or advisor to any session.
  • The next 2 sessions you will work the horse on your own with supervision.

*** Our goal is to make sure the horse you adopt is a great match for you and your home. We want to make sure our horses are loved and cared for but also want to make sure our adopters find the horse for their needs.

You will receive the following when adopting your horse:

  • Adoption contract
  • Adoption certificate
  • ALL health records including veterinarian records and coggins
  • Microchip information
  • Bag of feed
  • Access to our private Facebook page for adopters only. You can ask our trainers questions, post pictures, etc.


We keep your application on file for 1-year. We will contact you when something comes in fitting your requirements.

Yes, you may do a vet check and have your farrier check the horse.

We typically do not allow this. We have a full schedule of adoption interviews and time is limited. Also, we may show you a horse that is available at that time but then it may not be available once we receive your application. We do several Open Houses a year where you may come in and look at the horses.

Yes, we can deliver. Deliver charges do apply. $1 per mile one way. You may also pick your horse up if your facility has been approved.

It can take as little as a few weeks.