“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”


Hope Equine Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was established in 2008, but the love of horses has been in our hearts for a very long time.

The rescue was founded by Dani Horton and the Horton family when they took in their first rescue that they named Hope. Hope was tied to a tree with a dog chain and left to starve in a neighborhood where neighbors drove by her every day and never did anything to help.

Hope Equine Rescue is comprised of people who are active in the horse world and are animal lovers.

Dani Horton, president, has been involved in the horse community since she was a little girl. With experience from medical all the way to being a world-ranked breakaway roper, Dani has been exposed to every aspect of the horse world.

Wayne Elkins, vice president, and is the rescue’s farrier.

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Hope Equine Rescue is dedicated to providing rehabilitation and adoption services for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses.  Caring for horses can be financially taxing and we are always in need of funding for feed, medical, farrier care, supplies, services, and facility improvements. Hope Equine Rescue is funded by private donations and fundraisers. We could not exist nor function without the support of amazing donors and volunteers.

Hope Equine Rescue’s adoption service strives to find caring homes for horses sheltered at the rescue. Potential adopters are screened and an effort is made to match a horse with a compatible new owner. Site checks are made as well as follow up visits.  We do require a $25 application fee (this can be paid via pay pal or simply click on the donate link here on our website) to begin your application, however that money will go towards your adoption fee upon approval.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We acquire horses several different ways. We are currently primarily working with local sheriff’s offices across Central Florida on seizure cases. Occasionally, our rescues are surrendered to HER by owners who can no longer afford to care for them. In rare cases HER has to buy the horse to get it out of a bad situation. This is always a last resort to save the horse.

HER is a member of The Homes for Horses Coalition. Members of this organization are considered reputable. Please visit their Members page to see if there is a rescue in your area that can assist.

HER is run solely off of public donations. We are a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. The more donations we receive the more horses HER can help.

We have a simple process for adoption. First you must fill out an adoption application. HER keeps your application on file and when a horse comes in matching your request HER will call you. You are required to do an in person interview as well as come out and work with that horse to make sure it is a good match. If everything checks out okay then you will pay an adoption fee. Adoption fees are $200 for mini’s and donkey’s, $500 for green horses, and $1000 for finished ready to ride horses.

HER keeps a lifetime contract on all horses. This means that the horse you adopt will remain the property of HER and may never be sold or given away. If you ever not want that horse it has to come back to HER.  This contract provides a safety net for the horses so that they will always have a safe place to return if needed.

We determine qualification on a case by case basis. As long as you are dedicated to caring for the horse and can provide: food, shelter, water, and veterinary care, you can qualify. 

There are many ways you can help without adopting a horse. HER always needs horse supplies: brushes, water buckets, hay, Nutrena Senior Feed, shavings, fly spray, medicines, etc..

We also need monetary donations to help pay for other expenses. You can also foster a horse at your facility. HER will be responsible for the vet care but you would supply the care, feed, hay, worming, etc.