Permanent Residents Horses


Martini is a 3 year old mini mare who came from a large seizure from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.  She attends many of our community outreach events and also does school functions.



Bucky is a 26 year old mini stallion.  He cannot be gelded due to health reasons so he will live out his life with us at.


Winston is our barn mascot, at 8.1 hands. He was found wandering the streets by the Sheriff’s Office. His owner was found but could no longer keep him. He was a stallion when he came in but has been gelded. Winston is available for school functions and events. He is little but mighty!


Amigo has come a very long way! He will now come up to the fence every time he sees someone. He loves to have his face rubbed. I am so happy he has finally settled in here and is content.


Sunny is an approximately 20 year old mini gelding. He is totally blind.

His owner wanted to make sure he was safe because of his disability and surrendered him to the rescue. He is a very sweet boy and he does really well in spite of his sight problems.