Many times we may be out of room at our current facility and may need to turn to our fosters to house a rescue until we have room. Fostering a rescue for HER requires following a few guidelines. HER will come out to your facility and inspect the property.  In order to be approved to be a foster, the following must be met.

  1. Adequate/Safe Fencing. Must be sturdy and safe.  Barbed wire is not suggested, but if there is barbed wire present, hot wire must be ran 1′ around the entire perimeter.
  2. Shelter.  There must be some type of HER approved shelter for horses to get out of the sun/inclement weather.
  3. Feeding Schedule. Horses must be on a consistent feeding schedule. HER will provide food and veterinarian care for the rescues. The foster is responsible for making sure horses are fed and that HER is contacted in case of an injury and/or emergency.
  4. Fosters are not allowed to leave property unless in an emergency. We want to make sure all fosters are in good health and safe to handle, both on the ground and in the saddle, before they are adopted out. To protect both you and the horse, all rescues must stay at your facility.

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