With an operation of this scale and size, it’s important to have volunteers who love the cause just as much as the founder. Volunteers are used to work events, fundraisers and clinics, clean stalls, groom horses and occasionally, go out on rescue calls.

We routinely get teenage volunteers from local FFA and other agriculture programs. We welcome any and all help, of all ages, but require everyone to fill out Volunteer paperwork and sign a release.

As of now, barn volunteer days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning at 5pm. To volunteer, contact us at hopeequinerescue.com.

Why Volunteer?

Shaunna and Angelo

Shaunna and Angelo

“I volunteer because it brings a sense of relief after a stressful week. It’s a safe haven; in a sense, it’s therapy for people, too. These horses bring out the best in us- of course they’ll test you, your patience and your skills. But they don’t know any better. These horses have been abandoned, starved, abused, neglected.. Lack of discipline and affection led them to be confused and hurt. It can take what feels like forever to help them recover from their past, but in the end, to see them go to a loving home, where they never have to worry about suffering ever again, it’s all worth it. There’s no better feeling.”

— Shaunna Peacock (pictured with Angelo)






Graci and Tabby

Graci and Tabby

“I volunteer because it makes me happy to know that I help a horse find a home. Everyone there is like a second family. The horses make you braver and make you have more confidence. You make personal relationships with the people and horses, it’s the most amazing feeling.”
— Graci & Tabby

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