Sweet Pea

Sweet PeaMARCH 2018: Sweet Pea is a 4 yr old 15.0hh mare. Not sure on breed. Very nice mare with good conformation. Unlimited possibilities with this mare. Ground work has been started and she will be started under saddle soon. She does have behavioral issues with other horses that will require certain housing criteria.

AUGUST 2017: 3 years old; grade mare; 15.0hh; She is not available for adoption at this time. She is on a medical hold. She has a tumor on her right ovary that needs removed. It has not caused her any health issues; just some stallion like behaviors. She is very dominant in the herd and even rides the other mares. All of this behavior should stop once the surgery is done.

AUGUST 2016: 14.2 hands, 2-years-old, bay mare. Sweet Pea is new to the rescue. She came with three other horses as part of a sheriff’s office seizure in May. Upon her arrival, she was treated for an abscess in her foot. Sweet Pea’s foot healed nicely. Sweet Pea really enjoys the misters and playing in water. The volunteers will be staring ground work with her. Sweet Pea is currently in rehab and still being evaluated.