calanderStar, a 16 year old pony, came to the rescue May 7, 2012 in dire shape. She had been locked in a stall for approximately three years. While she was fed and her stall was clean, she was never turned out and had no vet or farrier care.

The lack of farrier care led to founder. Her hooves were so bad they had to be trimmed before she could even be loaded in the trailer and rushed to the vet clinic.

Although she could stand when she arrived at the rescue, she couldn’t walk forward so she was fitted for prosthetic braces in August 2012 that reinforced the strength in her front legs. Star was able to walk forward and graze comfortably for the first time in years.

Even though she had a better quality of life for a while, the previous damage ended up being too much, as it caused deterioration of her coffin bone in her front left leg. The founder eventually caught up with her.

We lost her May 5, 2013.