Rescued horse fills the void for new owner

In 2012, Hope Equine Rescue received a call to pick up a mare with her eye hanging out. The owner stated that he would shoot her if she was not picked up that evening.

“We immediately hooked up the trailer and headed pick her up,” Dani Horton, President of Hope Equine Rescue, said. “When we arrived we noticed it was not her eye hanging, but a massive growth.”Jensen_Sandy

The owner stated it had been like that for at least eight months with no vet care. The mare had also been left to run with a stallion.

Horton loaded the mare and took her straight to Road Runner Veterinary Clinic, where she had to stay for a few months. The vet did surgery on what turned out to be cancer, the very next day. He was able to remove the entire mass. He also did a pregnancy check and luckily, she was not bred. After the surgery, the mare healed quickly.

While the mare was healing, Hope Equine Rescue vet, Dr. Larry Britt, DVM, was treating another horse, owned by Jensen Dillon. Dillon’s barrel racing horse of 15 years was being treated for colic, and would eventually pass. While seeking treatment, Britt told Dillon about the mare’s journey.

“After my horse died, I forgot about her for awhile but then I wondered how she was doing and I contacted Dani,” DillSandy_Eyeon said.

Dillon adopted the mare, named Sandy by a board member, in April 2013. “She’s a blessing,” Dillon added. “[She] really warmed my heart after losing my horse of 15 years.”

Sandy now goes for trail rides with owner Dillon, and even gets to move cattle and take an occasional swim in a local watering hole. While the cancer is still present, it is maintained and controlled with medication.