RenoReno was a Quarter horse cross gelding in his early 20s. When he came in we thought he was going to be a routine placement. He had a bit of thrush but a family that loved him dearly.

After one week of being at the rescue, we noticed something wasn’t right, so we had him tested. He tested positive for pythiosis in his hoof capsule. He had a small puncture wound in his frog and that’s where the disease entered. It was difficult to treat because you couldn’t actually get to it.

In addition, his coffin bone had completely deteriorated. Two months later, his nevicular bone had deteriorated as well. We tried many treatments with him but in the end, he had no quality of life left. He was down more than he was up.

Reno passed on May 5, 2012. He was at the rescue for just under three months. To make things even worse, we already had a family lined up for him.