Rebuilding from Hurricane Irma

September 14, 2017 (AUBURNDALE) – Hurricane Irma has come and gone. but we are still here! We were lucky enough to be able to move all 26 horses, and various other furry friends, to a temporary location that allowed them to be out and grazing on 30 acres during the storm. This was best as we did not have the space to turn them all out and felt they wouldn’t be safe in the barn.

We’ve already started our clean up efforts as we attempt to get back to normal here.

We have all the destroyed shelters removed, limbs on the fences moved, and have the fence patched enough that it will keep the horses in. We will need to replace it soon.

We have the property cleaned up enough that as soon as the power comes back on we can move horses back.

It will be awhile cleaning up all the trees and limbs but that can wait.

Will need to replace the door and all the wood floor in my office. It flooded. Luckily most items were picked up off the floor so no files or important items were damaged.

We still need to fix all the privacy fence in the parking area before the dogs can come home. It snapped all the 4×4’s but looks like the fence itself is intact. So, we should be able to just lift it up and attach it to new posts once they are installed.

Not sure what hit the roof on our shelter in one of the paddocks but it did a number on it. It also snapped one of the posts.

The pump shed is a loss and will have to be replaced. The water was standing over our pump. We won’t know if it has any damage until the power comes back on.

We are beyond thankful that it is all just superficial damage and can be fixed. Our hearts break for our friends that have lost everything. Numerous barns lost, animals lost, and homes lost. We have been trying to facilitate help to them as much as possible.

Please bare with us as we try to get back to normal. Follow us on Facebook to see our progress as we rebuild! Donate now to help us rebuild.