NickersNickers was an 8 year old Paint mare brought to our attention by a county agricultural deputy.

Nickers had a very grim prognosis from the start. She  had a very severe injury at one point in her life that caused a fractured hip and pelvis. Being that it was not treated, it was so severe that the entire hip, pelvis and stifle were been moved back from the correct placement.

The vet evaluated her and said it was an old injury and it healed as much as it could. She also had 15 to 20 degrees rotation (founder) in both front hooves.

We took her to Dr. Britt’s for care throughout her rehab. A new fly mask, donated by a friend of the rescue, kept her face from burning while she underwent treatment. She got new slippers to help cushion her hooves as they attempted to heal.

She began to put on some weight and the sore on her back progressed nicely, due to laser treatment.

As Nickers progressed, she put on more and more weight, eventually making her immobile. The decision was made to lay her to rest on September 10, 2013.