New Year Equals New Goals for Rescue

CYRA ShowAUBURNDALE (January 16, 2016) – It was a busy 2015 for Hope Equine Rescue. Now that the year is over, it’s time to focus on 2016 goals.

“We grew too fast,” Dani Horton said, of the past eight years. “We need to focus now on getting the volunteers that will help us get our horses out there.”

Since 2008, the rescue has grown year over year. This year, the board will focus on bringing in volunteers that will be able to help expose the horses to the public.

The rescue will focus its exposure on at least one horse show per month, allowing the rescued horses a chance to shine. At its first show of the year, the CYRA Fundraiser Show held in Bartow, five of Hope’s horses placed in the show. All competed in in-hand classes, and were handled by the volunteers, from start to finish.

Volunteers were responsible for practicing with the horses, as well as prepping the horses the night prior to competition.

The goal is to gain 100 new volunteers throughout 2016. The commitment to be a member of the show team is approximately 1-2 nights per week. But the rescue isn’t just looking for people to muck stalls. It’s also looking for a Volunteer Director and multiple barn leaders.

“We want volunteers who love horses, who want to work with horses, who want to learn as much as they possibly can,” Horton said. “We still need to take care of stalls, but we want to do more than that.”

With the first show of the year under its belt, Horton couldn’t be more excited about the direction of the rescue, and what the current volunteers are accomplishing. Volunteer spots are ideal for kids as young as 10 years old.

For those interested in volunteering, please contact Dani Horton at hopeequinerescue@yahoo.com.

The following placed at the Bartow show:

Volunteer – Cat Madden

Horse – Angel

Halter – 3rd Place

Volunteer – Bailey Johnson

Horse – Angel

Halter – 3rd place

Volunteer – Summer Holiday

Horse – Lady

Showmanship – 1st place

Halter – 2nd place

Volunteer – Kristen Howe

Horse: Velvet

Halter – 4th place

Showmanship – 2nd place

Volunteer – Michaela Mathis

Horse – Lady

Halter – 6th place

Volunteer – Bailey Swanson

Horse – Glitter

Halter – 1st place

Showmanship – 3rd place

To view available horses, click on the linked names above or visit the Available page.