Mrs. Blue

Mrs BlueMrs. Blue was laid to rest on August 8, 2014. She was getting to the point that she could not stay up and was suffering. Students from Tenoroc High School, her foster family, came out to say their goodbyes.

Mrs. Blue was a 28 year old Thoroughbred mare. She came to us the first time in May 2008. She was found starving behind a feed store. The owner said it was not his horse so it was not his problem. Friends stepped in and rescued her and we got the call to finish her rehabilitation.

After she was healthy she was adopted but she came back to the rescue in March 2012 when the adopter could no longer care for her. Due to her age and health issues, she will live out the rest of her life at the rescue.

We know she was a racehorse when she was younger and then moved on to be a broodmare. Somewhere along the line someone spent a lot of time training her. She was an excellent kid’s horse for many years. She was also rescued from starvation once before.

Her story is very common with OTTB (off the track Thoroughbreds). Once their racing and/or breeding career is over, they start getting passed from owner to owner.