HSUS awards $1,000 grant to rescue

hsus-logoThe Humane Society of the United States recently awarded a $1,000 grant from the Summerlee Foundation, Annie Lee Roberts Emergency Rescue Fund, to Hope Equine Rescue.  “We congratulate and applaud the efforts of Hope Equine for taking the necessary actions to improve the lives and adoption rates of equines that are under your care,” the statement read.

Funds from this grant will allow the rescue to continue to do the important work of rescuing unwanted, neglected and abused equine.

Hope Equine Rescue consistently has a waiting list of people wanting to surrender their horses, for various reasons. Mostly though, the team works with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on seizure cases, due to the extreme condition these seizures are typically in.

“Every dollar helps,” President Dani Horton said. “Whether it’s $1 or $1,000, or even items like fly spray or fence panels, we always have a need. We’ll put this $1,000 toward the daily care of the horses currently in our facility.”