Hope Equine Rescue, Inc. is devoted to the care and placement of unwanted, abused and neglected horses. Our goal is to provide for the horses when no one else can or will. We are putting hope back into the lives of horses one at a time.


1. How does HER acquire its horses?

We acquire horses several different ways. We are currently primarily working with local sheriff’s offices across Central Florida on seizure cases. Occasionally, our rescues are surrendered to HER by owners who can no longer afford to care for them. In rare cases HER has to buy the horse to get it out of a bad situation. This is always a last resort to save the horse.


2. Who can I contact if I need to surrender my horse and HER cannot take it?

HER is a member of The Homes for Horses Coalition. Members of this organization are considered reputable. Please visit their Members page to see if there is a rescue in your area that can assist.

3. How does HER provide for the horses in its care?

HER is run solely off of public donations. We are a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. The more donations we receive the more horses HER can help.


4. How do I adopt a horse from HER?

We have a simple process for adoption. 1st you must fill out an adoption application. It does cost $25 to file an application with us. That money is to cover for the background check and the materials used to make the application. HER keeps your application on file and when a horse comes in matching your request HER will call you. You are required to come out and work with that horse a minimum of 4 times to make sure it is a good match. We will then inspect your facility. If everything checks out okay then you will pay an adoption fee of $200 for that horse. The $25 you paid for your application will be deducted from the adoption fee.


5. What kind of adoption contract is used?

HER has (2) different contracts. One is for older, lame, and special needs horses. This is a lifetime contract. This means that the horse you adopt will remain the property of HER and may never be sold or given away. If you ever not want that horse it has to come back to HER. The adoption fee for lifetime contract horses is $200.

 The other contract is for sound, young horses . This is a 2-year contract. HER retains ownership of that horse for 2-years. After 2-years is up we will do a consultation with you and inspect the horse one final time. If everyone is happy HER will sign over a bill of sale to you for the horse. The adoption fee for 2-year contract horses is $200.


6. Who qualifies to adopt a horse?

We determine qualification on a case by case basis. As long as you are dedicated to caring for the horse and can provide: food, shelter, water, and veterinary care, you can qualify. 


7. What if I don’t want to adopt a horse but want to help the cause?

There are many ways you can help without adopting a horse. HER always needs horse supplies: brushes, water buckets, hay, Nutrena Senior Feed, shavings, fly spray, medicines, etc..

We also need monetary donations to help pay for other expenses. You can also foster a horse at your facility. HER will buy the feed but you would supply the care, hay, worming, etc.