AUGUST 2017: 19 years old; Thoroughbred mare; 16.0 hh; Fancy is companion only due to lameness issues. She is sound enough for pasture and runs and bucks with the best of them but can’t handle the weight of a rider. She is easy to handle on the ground and gets along great with other horses. She would do best on 24/7 turn out.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Fancy is an 18-year-old, 16 hands Thoroughbred, flea-bitten grey mare.

Fancy has returned to the rescue due to being injured while at the stable when she was adopted a few months ago. Due to her injury, she is no longer rideable.

She used to be a race horse. We know this because she has a tattoo on her gums. Fancy won several show ribbons while at Hope Equine Rescue.

Fancy does not sweat, and needs to be kept cool with a fan and/or mister in the heat.

She is a very sweet horse and adored by our volunteers. Many of our volunteers use Fancy to practice grooming and basic skills because of her patience. Fancy is companion only.