eyoreWe lost our dear old Eyore on December 29, 2009. He had been with us almost a year.

Eyore was a 25-28 year old cracker pony. He was given to a family sight unseen and they were not prepared for what they got. They did not know how to care for a neglected horse so they surrendered Eyore to HER. He is a very sweet guy and the volunteers  loved him. He was so easy to work with.

While Eyore was recovering from neglect he suffered a case of moonblindness. Due to the fact he would eventually go blind and because of his age, he lived out the rest of his days at HER.

When he arrived we were not sure if he was going to make it. Then we clipped him and found numerous untreated wounds underneath all that hair. They were rotten and very infected.

He started to look a little better after removing all that hair.