MARCH 2018:Angelo: 7 yr old Cracker gelding. 14.2 hands. Has been started but will require an advanced handler. He does buck under saddle. He is in training and we are working on it. All potential adopters must be able to handle his issues or afford to send him to a trainer that can.

AUGUST 2017: Six years old; Cracker Gelding; 14.3hh; Angelo is currently in training. He is being started under saddle. Has had a rider on him a few times. Loads, ties, stands for farrier, and does in hand obstacles. Pictures and video available upon request. He has amazing movement and extension for a little guy and would look amazing English. Angelo is a very sensitive horse and will need a confident quiet handler. No beginners or children. This horse has unlimited potential with the right handler. You must be willing to come out and work with our trainer and him before adopting.

AUGUST 2016: Angelo is making progress with a saddle. He has been lunged with a saddle and did not buck. He will continue his training under a saddle. Angelo does the obstacles well. He has some ground issues we are working on. He can stand, tie, and load.

MAY 2016: Five years old; 14.1 hands; Cracker gelding.

ADVANCED handler only. Has had 30 days under saddle with a trainer but loves to buck. We brought him back to let him mature and do more basics with him.


JANUARY 2016: We are still working on Angelo’s training issues. He had a sinus issue that set him back for some time, and he is just now healed enough to resume training.

JULY 2014: Still very green. He has not been started under saddle yet. We have been dealing with some health issues. He has a huge knot on his face. It started as an abscessed tooth and caused a lot of damage. We finally have it under control, although he will always have a knot. You can speak to our vet and get all the details. Other than that, he is sound and healthy. He ended up loosing some bone in his face. It should not cause him any problems. He may get some drainage from his sinus every once in awhile but that is it. He is very smart and learns quick. We will be starting him now. 

Angelo is a four year old Cracker gelding. He is currently in rehab. He is healthy but has had limited handling. We need to work on his leading skills. He is really cute and has nice movement.