amigo015Amigo has come a very long way! He will now come up to the fence every time he sees someone. He loves to have his face rubbed. I am so happy he has finally settled in here and is content.

Amigo has a very sad story. He was born in  a paddock behind a persons house. When he was weaned that person sold his mother and he stayed in the paddock. You are probably thinking what is so sad about that?? Well he stayed there 20 yrs! Yes he is a 20 yr old Arabian/Morgan cross gelding that lived in the same paddock his whole life. He also had no animal with him. He was alone day after day in that paddock. Horses are herd animals. They do not like to be alone. He was alone for 20 yrs. His owner’s health declined and so Amigo’s did to. He didn’t get his shots, worming’s, farrier work anymore. He got some feed every once in awhile. Thank goodness a very kind lady noticed Amigo and stepped in to take action. She started taking him feed. She made the owner get his hooves trimmed. She knew Amigo needed to find a new home and started contacting rescues. I agreed to take Amigo knowing this was going to be a very hard rehab. We have hope for Amigo but it will be a long time for him to recover. He has no social skills with other horses or people. He has to learn how to be a horse. WE WON’T GIVEamigo021 UP ON HIM!